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For real, terrible.

Doesn’t work !!!!

Every time I try to load a movie it says that the server is overloading ! I would like a refund !!! Won’t even allow me to make one movie because of the server being jammed ! Don’t charge people unless you have a server that will be able To handle the traffic ! Save your money


I wish I could get my money back it’s that bad! Was hoping to use it in my classroom for some fun and laughs. Just bad!

I have to buy movies now?

I can’t this thing to work

Can’t share

Share button doesn’t work

Not worth it

Wasn’t worth the $2.99... Not worth $.99... The face doesn’t line up well, the skin tones look awful, the clip shows 3 seconds of your face in 10 seconds of movie Very unimpressed ***The developer just responded to me and made me realize, my initial statement was correct. I’m very unimpressed with the app.


Well worth $2.99.

Save your money.

Won’t accept picture—default error. And before the developer says you need goo lighting and such, I’m a photographer and know a little about photo composition. Released this app prematurely I think.

Not worth it

Face doesn’t properly fit, you can see the insert area on the movie. Tried several pics and all were the same.

Very few movies - mostly with male roles.

There are only 22 movies to choose from (of all movies ever made, really?), and just 5 of them are female roles. It’s fun to play with for a few minutes, but they need a MUCH bigger library of movies before charging any money for this.

Don’t waste your money

Only four movies to chose from and the characters are all men. The face swap is also horrible. This app needs work.

Funniest thing ever!

Works as advertised. You may have to practice with lighting and positioning. Worth every penny!

Unable to subscribe

They will continue to bill you every month and will not let you unsubscribe. Apple customer service is automated and will not help either.


Such a fun app! Easy to use!


Funny app

Terrible - still crap

App never works, all the 5 star reviews are fake. It literally has never worked. I don’t even want the app anymore but i make it a point to try it every other week just to write a new review of how terrible it is. It doesn’t work... servers have been jammmmmed ever since it downloaded! BS!! Give me my money back and delete your app


Awesome app to have on a boring day. I laughed so hard at what I can create. Only issue is this app seems to be racist. There’s seems to only be white actors to choose from

Error message

Every time I try to create something it gives me an error saying their servers are busy.

So good

Sooooooooo gooooooooooood


If doesn’t update the face picture

4 stars

I’m having fun. Not 5 stars because they need more movies

Really fun

I just wish there were more movies to choose from

Doesn’t Work

keeps giving me an error to try again later. I want my money back!

Can I get a refund?

Worst app ever. Don’t buy it!!!!

Don’t download this app

So after you pay the 2.99 you then have to BUY not RENT!!! The writes to the movies meaning you will be paying another 20 something dollars for the movie.


Yeah I bought this app against everyone else’s bad reviews..... it’s pretty crappy.... whoever advised it did a great job

Not much variety

Not worth the money, hardly any options to choose from. Caucasian man have more to choose from than anyone else, but it is still not much. Lousy editing.

Face Oscar- Never works

No matter when I try to use the app, it never works. The app opens, I select a picture to be used, select a movie, and try to view the updated movie, and it constantly says that it is too busy. I wouldn’t really care, but they charged for the app.

Never Worked

After paying for this app... all i get is “servers busy” try again later! Never worked

App doesn’t work! Want a refund

Refund my money

Funny silent movies.

Pretty funny for the first couple I made but no sound. Kinda of disappointing

How can this app have 4.5 stars???

Something must be wrong with the App Store! This app is horrible! User interface is a joke - can’t navigate back to cancel out of taking a pic. Where is the multiple face shot feature ? Why does it start making a movie when I do t want it to? Etc. not enough movies. Etc etc


Its a scam..you only get a few movies to choose from and the video edit is really terrible

Dont waste your money

This app is not good, it doesnt adjust the photo coloring or light to fit the video at all. And it’s just kinda poorly done.

Ok fun

Not enough diverse movies.

Don’t waste your money

First off the finished product looks like crap. Secondly you have to buy this app and then buy the finished product. Bait and switch!!!! Don’t waste your money!

Even for $2 it was a waste of money

Very poor quality of putting your face on these actors. Not even bad enough to be funny. Just bad.

Doesn’t work as intended

It does a very bad (smaller than the actor’s face) cut out version. It’s distracting, looks cheap and worst of all, not funny. Can’t recommend this app.

Does exactly what the video shows

I don’t know why people are hating on this app so hard. It does exactly the same thing in the video with more options and it’s 2.99 so it’s cheap. It’s just for fun and does what it’s supposed to.

Pooped pants

I poop my pants


Muy bueno

Waste of Money

It’s so dumb. Hardly any movie selections, especially for women, it’s just a still face put vast on a ten second video. Total crap. Do not buy this app.

Not working

Won’t work at all, won’t access camera or photos. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still it’s giving error! Gave consent to access camera

Great idea but

No matter how many times i try, my face never seems to line up and fit properly, and the face outline to use as a guideline needs adjustments. Why are the ears so low? My face always seems to be very low when the final edit is done, regardless of my adjustments

Don’t waste your money

Poor quality even with good lighting. Not a good selection of movies. I wish I could get my $2.99 Back.


Great app. Lots of fun!


Totally awesome needs more vids


Took my money a week ago and “servers are still down” deleting the app

Super fun

Lot of fun but needs bigger selection. The face fits ok but could better. Would be 5 star if face fit better.

Waste of money

Great idea but doesn’t work. Face quality is horrible and distorted. No way you can tell who it’s supposed to be. Disappointed

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