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Great fun app

Having a great time with this app. This version is 95% there. It just need to improve the blend of the edges of the picture with the movie background to make it perfect And add more movies please!


Having fun, more movies please. Is there a way we can edit on our own? Thanks

Doesn't work DO NOT BUY. AVOID

I'd love this to app to work cool idea. But it's an absolute mess as ND the UI should be simple and it's like an infinite loop of nothing. How did this pass apple quality tests


It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun with an app!!!


I’ll be demanding a refund for this hot garbage. The app advertises as if they import your faceless for a see less fun look but it’s no even close or that. Despite how perfect you take and measure your image it’s an always cheesy blurry edge image that last for 10 seconds over some theme music. What a major disappointment.

Great App!

It’s Fun and Funny! Great time for me and my son.

Not Terrible anymore

Apps keep crashing even after updating to ios 12 I've deleted and reinstall the app and still keeps crashing Re- installed again this time And is working great and enjoying the app


App doesn’t work. Closes everytime I try to do what it’s intended to do.

Waste of money

App is a complete waste of money. App closes out every time you try to play a video back.


Not working on iOS 12 iPhone X. App keeps crashing.

Doesn’t work on iPhone X or iOS 12

Never worked on my iPhone X, not once. Doesn’t work on iOS 12 either. Waste of money.

No good

It just paste a still onto a head. Cropping is really bad. Could never get a good photo. Close up shots are just bad


This is one of the worst apps I have ever paid for. The technology seems like it’s 5 years old. Ugh.


Was so excited to try this. Not one pose or picture uploaded right. Somebody else’s same face appeared every time with a smile. I took my pictures with and without my glasses and smile. Not once was it me. It was some default person.

Wasted $3

Not even close


Awful Dumb


Absolutely pathetic. It looks like a mask of my face has literally been cut out and pasted over the face of the character. So pathetically sad.

It’s funny

It’s as advertised. I’ve done a few and they work about as much as you’d expect it to. Funny, but probably not worth the $3.


Have enjoyed it in the past, but recently after viewing/watching a clip it is zoomed in about 400x and is unusable to the point you can’t find the back button. I have to close the app altogether and restart.


This app has me and my wife laughing hysterically. Keep adding movies!

Waste of money!!!!

This seemed like it would be fun and easy. Once downloaded I regretted it in 5 min, the faces don’t look like the advertisements it does not blend your face good, it’s a gimmick and not many options. This would be an awesome free app but to pay anything for this 🤦🏼‍♂️

Don’t buy

Camera won’t work on this app!


Always servers are too busy! No face detected


Doesn’t really work right most the movies won’t load. Someone at iTunes should be reviewing these apps. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell us this garbage there’s no way a single customer has made anything remotely close to what they advertised. The movie I did get to load looks horrible, I could of done a better job myself.

Doesn’t work!

I want a refund. I’ve had this app for a few weeks and it either states “problem with our servers” “to many people” or “poor internet connection” or things along that lines. Is it a bug? Please help me.

Garbage and here’s why...

Take a picture and it uses half your face, anything below the eyeballs, skin tones don’t match up with the movie face. Would be better if the movie face was layered over the camera image before taking the picture otherwise you will waste lots of time snapping and waiting for editing to complete only to find out it’s GARBAGE!

UNUSABLE!!!! Refund me now please!!

Does not load! Server error

Refund requested

This app is trash it’s not even ok in a silly way. It doesn’t line up, there is no audio and there are only a couple of videos.

Should be free for the quality of the app

For paying 3 dollars this app is nowhere near as polished as it should be. only a few of the clips actually work how they should, the rest the faces don’t even look attached to chosen character. Don’t bother with this app

Crap. Don’t buy.

Spent my money. It’s crap. Won’t use my Photos or my camera to take a picture. Keep saying I need to take a picture. But it won’t let me. Waste of money. I would probably avoid any apps from this company.


I literally just paid $2.99 for this about 4 minutes ago and I would like a refund please. This is a horrible app and also a mid-leading app with hidden fees and horrible quality. Please refund my money as I am deleting this app ASAP

Doesn’t work

This app does not work. I took the photo and did the step of adding it to the movie but it only shows it is downloading but it never actually downloads or gives you the chance to even see it. There were mixed reviews. I wish I had listened to the bad ones.

Needs more movies!!!

Great app though

Cool concept but that’s it

For three dollars it is what it is. You’re going to waste more money than that on a cup of coffee might as well try it out for yourself and see what results you get.



Won’t pick a pic from my pics

See above

Great app

I feel sorry that the developer has to explain to the illiterates out there who struggle with the simple directions!

Enjoying this app

This app works just like they say. It’s a fun one for sure. Only thing, I don’t know how to get more movies. Can I purchase more?

Impossible to use

The face size and lighting have to be perfect otherwise it’s a waste of time and money

Not good

Don’t buy

Terrible App

Didn’t work. I’d like my money back.

Server issues?

Nice idea but the app is crap. Can’t even make one video because of “jammed servers.” What a joke!

Easy to use ....

Having a blast using this app.... So much fun and easy to use ....


Total piece of crap. Don’t waste your money.


Need more girl options

It’s kinda cool.

Kinda cool. Easy to use but there’s no sound. Makes it a little stupid.

Jib jab way better

Faces don’t fit. Not funny. Wish it was


My face never ends up in the movie.. it’s always someone else’s face from the app!? Does not work..


Poor quality and not enough movies. I got bored with this in 30 seconds

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