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Won’t pick a pic from my pics

See above

Great app

I feel sorry that the developer has to explain to the illiterates out there who struggle with the simple directions!

Enjoying this app

This app works just like they say. It’s a fun one for sure. Only thing, I don’t know how to get more movies. Can I purchase more?

Impossible to use

The face size and lighting have to be perfect otherwise it’s a waste of time and money

Not good

Don’t buy

Terrible App

Didn’t work. I’d like my money back.

Server issues?

Nice idea but the app is crap. Can’t even make one video because of “jammed servers.” What a joke!

Easy to use ....

Having a blast using this app.... So much fun and easy to use ....


Total piece of crap. Don’t waste your money.


Need more girl options

It’s kinda cool.

Kinda cool. Easy to use but there’s no sound. Makes it a little stupid.

Jib jab way better

Faces don’t fit. Not funny. Wish it was


My face never ends up in the movie.. it’s always someone else’s face from the app!? Does not work..


Poor quality and not enough movies. I got bored with this in 30 seconds


Didn’t like. Wasn’t what I thought it would be 👎

Funny application

This app cracks me up and is entertaining. It’s worth the $3

Server Down

Can’t even use because the servers say they are always busy. I want my money back


Only male movies, no female options

Sound doesn’t work

Sound doesn’t work for this ap. I’m up to date with my IOS and tried troubleshooting. My sound works for all my other aps


It seems like this app does not work 99.9% of the time. The developers excuse is always “must be the servers” which is ridiculous. How can you sell something and have it not work properly. Don’t buy this.

Error messages when uploading video

Just wasted money >.<


It’s not even letting me load a video. Keeps saying error. Been doing this for the past hour. Want my money back

Doesn’t work

Error every time

Rip off

Paid for this app only has a couple movies to choose from, first two attempts to make one failed (due to large volumes) this is practically a scam! I’m done!!

No sound

I even removed and readded

Junk don’t work

Don’t waste your money. This app doesn’t do anything!


It takes a picture and only uses the original picture shown to get you to buy the app. What a scam.



Totally waist of money

I feel like an idiot for getting this app. It takes forever to load & it just stupid.

Terrible functionality

Maybe I don’t understand it yet, seems like a total waste of money for what you get.

Fun but not enough female face swap options

I am giving this a three star review because while it was fun it was very quick to go ahead and complete the female options. Well there are like 12 for the men can you please do an update and add some more female roles.


This just does not work Only male roles ? Cannot even see Waste of 2.99


Uploaded several different pictures, all looked blurry and not at all like the preview of the app would have you believe. I am requesting a refund. Disappointing.


I can’t wait until they add more movie clips. This app is hilarious!

Doesn't work

Faces don't update with yours, it's Always the same stock face. What's the point. Lost 2.99 Only 4 movie clip options

Too funny


A complete rip-off!

The app never works. I constantly gat a oops retry message when trying to create a movie. Apparently there is always something wrong with their servers. Save your money!!


Has a glitch where it will not use any photo you take. What a waste of $3. I wrote to them and I’ve had no reply back on how to rectify this.

Total waste of time

Wish I never downloaded...doesn’t work, kept taking selfies and it has a constant error message.

Don’t waste your money

If I know there was only seven videos you can choose from I won’t even bother purchasing it!! You think they’ll be more videos for something that you’re paying for?

Stole my money

Stole my money it does not work


Doesn’t work same face no matter what want my money back

Do bad and fake and no audio

This app doesn’t work. The images looks horrible and nothing like they advertise! And there’s no audio its just silent clips.. seriously they are just ripping you off 3 bucks. It’s not legit at all


Waste of my time... didn’t even giggle a bit

Don’t waste your money

Doesn’t work close to how it is advertised


Took my picture countless times, it never lines up smoothly. Didn’t expect much going in, but at least I thought it would be good for a laugh. Not even close!!!

It’s alright

It’s not bad, it has a lot of potential but I am noticing a lot of bugs.

Not bad for 3 bucks

I’ve spent much more on far worse things. Ill change to 5 Star if they continue to add movies.

Why the dumb watermark.

I paid for this app. Why is there a dumb branded watermark and branded ending

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